The Kirnan Fire Alarm System.

Issue 4 and Volume 47.

The Kirnan Fire Alarm System. In the constant struggle against the most relentless foe of civilization—fire—the prime requisite for protection, after proper apparatus has been secured, is the prompt and accurate directing of this apparatus to the scene of the fire. A system which its sponsors claim has reduced this factor of firefighting to a science is known as the Kirnan “Perfect” system, an apparatus described as positive, non-interfering, and reliable as to the harmonious working of street box, central office, and engine house equipment. Strict observance of the requirements of the National Board of Underwriters means acceptable equipment, but beyond this the company claims many individual merits. Among the most distinctive features set forth are the holding of a signal, if some part of the circuit is out of order, until normal conditions are restored, when the complete signal will come iii, the accessibility of the mechanism, which is…

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