Issue 4 and Volume 47.

TULSA FIRE DEPARTMNET EQUIPMENT The accompanying illustrations, afford some idea of the liberality with which the thriving young city of Tulsa, Okla., with a population of about 20,000. has equipped itself for fire protection. but the details, for which we are indebted to Chief R. C. Alder, will give a better idea of the enterprise Tulsa citizens have displayed in providing fire protection for their city. Chief Alder has at bis command, one 40-liorse-power, 35-gallon chemical auto chief’s car, one 70-horsepower Webb automobile engine and hose combination. one two-liorse straight hose wagon with 1,000-feet capacity; one two-horse 35-gallon combination chemical and hose wagon, one threehorse 75-foot American-La France automatic aerial truck, one electrician’s buggy and one twoborse, double 35-gallon straight chemical in reserve. The city is equipped with a Gamewell fire alarm system, with 34 street boxes, a sixcurrent board and batteries complete. Tbe firefighting force consists of 18 men,…

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