Colorado Springs Water Report.

Issue 4 and Volume 47.

Colorado Springs Water Report. The report of Water Superintendent B. B. MeReynolds, of Colorado Springs, Col., shows the most successful year in the history of the water department of that city. The total cash receipts were $147,236,63, a gain of some $4,000 over 1908. The net cash earnings for the system for the year were $37,251.35. Comparison with neighboring cities shows that these earnings are obtained despite a much smaller rate than prevails elsewhere in Colorado. Taking a six-room dwelling as a basis of comparison, Colorado Springs enjoys an annual water rate of $15, against $20.30 for Denver and $30 for Pueblo. For needed improvements $25,000 worth of bonds were issued. There are $10,911.15 of this hond issue on hand at the present time. Series Nos. 23 and 24 of outstanding water bonds amounting to $60,000 were called in and paid; lluse were 4J4 per cent, bonds and were all…

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