New Method of Carrying an Unconscious Person

Issue 5 and Volume 47.

New Method of Carrying an Unconscious Person A new method of carrying persons who are unconscious. injured, or otherwise incapacitated is being used by the New York fire department. Ordinarily the unconscious man is turned face downward and then lifted up on his knees, after which he is placed across the fireman’s shoulder. The new method consists of throwing the burden across the hack over both shoulders, instead of one as heretofore. The right thigh and right upper arm of the man that is being carried are gripped between the arms and body close to the armpits. This leaves forearms and both legs free. Formerly the fireman had the use of but one hand and arm. making it a difficult matter to carry a victim down a scaling ladder. With the new method the weight of the burden is supported in a position where a maximum load can be carried…

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