Sewage Disposal System at Leeds.

Issue 5 and Volume 47.

Sewage Disposal System at Leeds. Consul Benjamin F. Chase sends the following summary of the plans of the English city of Leeds for a new system of sewage disposal: By condemnation proceedings the city has acquired 600 acres three miles distant on which to construct a plant for disposing of sewage by the bacteriological method at a cost of $6,214,520. There will be laid two main sewers, aggregating seven miles in length, and subsidiary drains to connect with the city’s system, through which the sewage will flow to the works by gravitation. Into settlement tanks there the sewage will be pumped, and the solid matter will be precipitated by a chemical process. Thence the liquid will pass by gravitation to large bacteria beds or percolating filters. For these 300,000 to 400,000 cubic yards of material similar to railroad ballast will be used. A channel three-fourths of a mile long will…

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