Issue 7 and Volume 47.

CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION IN WATERWORKS The following extracts are taken from a paper on the above subject, read at the last annual meeting of the American Water Works Association by William Curtis Mabee, C.E., Indianapolis, Ind.: “Experiments made on large reinforced concrete pipes by the United States Geological Survey, and intended to discharge under pressures up to 35 pound per square inch, demonstrated the permeability of concrete and the practical value of different kinds of plasters, paints and washes. It was found that all of the tests made on washes or paints gave poor results. The conclusion drawn from these experiments was that the best results could be obtained by giving the inside of the pipe one coat of plaster one-half inch thick, composed of one part cement to one and one-half parts sand and a small quantity of lime paste thoroughly cooled to retard setting, keeping the pipe well wet…

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