Tapping the New Catskill Aqueduct.

Issue 9 and Volume 47.

Tapping the New Catskill Aqueduct. Before the system that is to bring New York a supply of water from the distant Catskill watershed has approached anything near completion the towns and other places along the line of the works are squabbling over the price they are to pay the city for the privilege of tapping its aqueduct and belittling the magnitude of the operation, for the purpose of forcing a lower minimum rate for the water they want. Even politics is injected into the question, a senator from an adjacent county having introduced a bill permitting the cities and towns in his county to tap the aqueduct passing through their territory and to pay for the water as a marketable commodity at its water value, without taking into any account the expense New York has incurred to get it. The point of complaint seems to be that New York is…

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