The Water System of Meade.

Issue 9 and Volume 47.

The Water System of Meade. The waterworks system of Meade, Kan., is supplied by artesian water. When it was decided to construct the plant the well site was selected on lots in the valley, and on the east line of the townsite. Here a well was drilled a little more than 100 feet to the first strata of artesian water carrying sand, and a flow obtained. A survey was then made and the contract was let and work commenced. At the west side of the town, on the highest part of the site, the water tower, a steel structure 100 feet high, carries a steel tank. At the well a circular cistern 23 feet deep and 20 feet in diameter, was sunk, securely walled and plastered, which receives the well supply. The power house and pumping station are located in a neat brick structure at the reservoir. Two 25-horsepower engines…

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