Issue 9 and Volume 47.

THE OHIO FIRE INSPECTION BUREAU In a paper read at the recent meeting of the Ohio Fire Prevention Association by Engineer E. N. Richards, is the following: As you are all aware, probably, the analytic system for the measurement of relative fire hazard, commonly known as the “Dean,” is in use in our territory, which necessitates a thorough inspection of the firefighting facilities and physical hazads of a town or city, before the application of the schedule is made, as the basis estimate from which all charges are determined, depends largely upon the condition of these features. We are devoting considerable time to our small towns by calling the attention of the municipal authorities, also board of trade and other influential commercial organizations, where there are any, to the advisability of installing waterworks systems; or organizing volunteer and partly-paid fire departments with adequate equipment for same; of adopting effectual building…

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