Pumping Engine Notes.

Issue 9 and Volume 47.

Pumping Engine Notes. Cordele, Pa., has appropriated $2,000 for the installation of a new pump at its waterworks station. Instructions were given by the council fire and water committee of Bismarck. Wash., at a recent meeting to Water Superintendent Whitney to prepare an estimate of me cost of installing a pump at Bismarck, where water is not always plentiful A pump will keep up the pressure. The big new Snow steam pumping engine, erected in the pumping station of the Oswego. N V . waterworks, has been tested and accepted by the city. It will be painted and put into commission at once. In his report of the operation of the pumping plant of Grand Rapids. Mich., waterworks. General Manager Fresney shows considerable economy. The average cost of pumping 1,000.000 gallons of water in 1909 was $5 87.while in 1908 it was $6.14. Springfield. Ore., is increasing the capacity of…

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