Report of the Duluth Water Department.

Issue 9 and Volume 47.

Report of the Duluth Water Department. Duluth, a city of about 60,000 inhabitants, obtains its supply of water by pumping from Lake Superior, the total quantity pumped during the year 1909 at the fire pumping stations having been 2,377,820,180 gallons, at an aggregate cost of $25,624.41. The total amount received for water rents during the year was $187,605.37, an increase compared with the preceding year of $18,412, although the quantity of water pumped for consumption was no greater than for the previous year. This result is attributed to the reduction in water waste caused by the metering of services, 704 meters having been set during 1909, making 4,037 in use in the city. The distribution is effected by 107 miles, 560 feet of water pipe, of which 5 miles, 2,622 feet were laid in 1909. The number of hydrants supplied was 771. The surplus earnings of the waterworks for 1909…

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