Long Branch Fire Department.

Issue 9 and Volume 47.

Long Branch Fire Department. William Moore, formerly chief engineer of the Long Branch, N. J., fire department, in the annual report to the city council says he is proud of the work of the department for the year. Not withstanding the conflagration which destroyed nearly a block on Bright avenue last summer, the total fire loss was only $85,000. The previous year the loss was $130,000. The manual of the department consists of one chief engineer, two assistants, ten foremen and two assistant foremen of each company, there being eight companies, of which two are engine and truck companies making two sets of officers, three engineers of chemical engines. There are 470 men in service, 12 being paid, and 458 volunteers. The department also has 21 horses. The apparatus of the department consists of the following in active service: three steam fire engines, one 3-horse hitch combination hose and chemical,…

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