Issue 9 and Volume 47.

Personals. George H. Beebe has been renominated by the commissioner of Public Works. Syracuse. N. Y., as superintendent of the water bureau. He has held the position since early in 1908 and his administration of the bureau affairs has been marked by professional thoroughness as an engineer and business ability. Charles A. Bogardus, superintendent of the waterworks of Chicopee, Mass., and his wife, recently celebrated the fortieth anniversary of their marriage, and were the recipients of many congratulations. Superintendent Bogardus has held his present position since November, 1905. At the recent annual meeting of the directors of the Whitesboro Waterworks Company, Whitesboro, N. Y„ the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: J. W. Wight, president; R. L. Wight, vice-president; G. D. Wight, secretary and treasurer.

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