Issue 10 and Volume 47.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. People unfamiliar with the conditions that govern the methods of European firefighting are constantly making comparisons between them and those that exist here, which may appear ridiculous when considered from a practical standpoint. The small apparatus, manual engines, short ladders, unlined hose, small half-inch nozzles and other equipments of fire departments abroad arc as different from ours, as night is from day. These differences have been explained from time to time in this journal, but further reference to the subject may be pertinent now, as no less an authority than Captain T. P. Purcell, chief of the Dublin fire brigade, one of the most scientific and successful men in the fire service of the British empire, corroborates in a paper printed elsewhere in this issue, some of the facts we have already stated. With reference to fires in Paris he says: “In Paris it is a…

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