Issue 10 and Volume 47.

CORRESPONDENCE COAL FOR ENGINES. To THE EDITOR: I would like very much to hear through your journal from some of the engineers—the men who handle the throttle—as to their experience as regards the advisability of using Virginia cannel coal as against using Tennessee bituminous coal. I would also like to hear from some of the pipemen who have used the 12-inch New York style short-play pipe and nozzle, as to its efficiency. W. M. PERRY, Fire Commissioner. Columbia, S. C., Feb. 28, 1910. RESIDENCES IN GARAGES DANGEROUS. To THE EDITOR; The danger attending the use of the upper part of a garage building for residence or any similar purposes, was recently exemplified at a fire in Paterson, N. J., that destroyed a garage and several expensive autos, causing a loss of about $75,000. An explosion, presumably of gasoline, started the fire and the occupants of the apartments in the upper…

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