A Plucky Rescue.

Issue 12 and Volume 47.

A Plucky Rescue. Two firemen, one swinging by his legs front a fire escape, three stories above the sidewalk, the other suspended in the same manner from a ladder, saved a man and his wife from probable death in a fire in First street. New York City, last week. The fire was burning so fiercely by the time the firemen arrived that escape from the building was cut off. Andrew Mitchell and his wife were at a front room window on the third floor preparing to jump to tile sidewalk. Extension ladders were raised, and Fireman Mooney ran up and tried to carry the woman down, but her weight made that impossible. Fireman Bogel wrapped a tarpaulin around him self, dived into the hurtling building and ran tip the blazing stairway to the room. He made his way to the fire escape on the adjoining building, quickly lowered himself and…

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