The Wilmington Department is Up-to-Date.

Issue 12 and Volume 47.

The Wilmington Department is Up-to-Date. The fire department of Wilmington, Del., has attained a standard of efficiency equal to that of any other in a large-sized city. While it is known as a volunteer force, the twelve companies composing it are paid annually an appropriation ranging front $4,100 to $8,900. Every type of improved apparatus is added to its equipment, the latest being a chemical and hose combination wagon, Robert C. Porter is chief engineer of the service. His assistants are Patrick Magill and Edward A. McNally. The chief is elected every year from the ranking member of one of the companies, and this system seems to meet with such favor that there is no desire to change it. Judging by the fire record made by the department its effectiveness so far is the strongest plea for the continuance of the department in its present excellent condition.

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