Issue 14 and Volume 47.

BRIEF WATERWORKS PARAGRAPHS OF THE WEEK The profits from the municipal water plant, of Denison, Tex., for the fiscal year ending March 1, according to a report just filed with the city commission, were $10,252.57. A total of $13,467.14 was spent for improvements and extensions. After many months of investigation during which the water supply question for Minneapolis has been considered exhaustively experts employed by the city recommend as the best possible plan, the use of Mississippi water, purified by a rapid filter system. To inact the requirements of fire underwriters and to secure a reduction in the insurance rate, the city of Galveston, Tex. is planning to place its pumping plant in a separate building instead of running it in conjunction with the lighting plant as is now done. A hill was introduced in the state legislature at Albany, N. Y., authorizing the construction of a dam at Conklingville,…

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