Chief Croker Had a Narrow Escape.

Issue 14 and Volume 47.

Chief Croker Had a Narrow Escape. The relief automobile of Chief Croker’s was destroyed by fire that also damaged the house of engine company No. 33, in Great Jones street, Manhattan, where Croker makes his headquarters, on Saturday last. The chief had a narrow escape from death or serious injury, as he was about to enter the car at the time. An alarm was received from Thirteenth street and Fourth avenue, when the chief and Captain Lusk, his chauffeur ran for the car. Fenney, the driver, jumped in and gave the crank one turn, when there was an explosion, and flames leaped up to the ceiling. The car was destroyed in a few minutes, and the burning ceiling was ripped away for several feet to keep the fire from reaching the second floor. Chief Croker was knocked down with the force of the explosion, but luckily escaped serious injury. Instead…

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