The Fire Department of Portland in 1909.

Issue 14 and Volume 47.

The Fire Department of Portland in 1909. The record of the fire department of Portland, Me., for the year ending December 31, 1909, as presented in a report recently submitted to the city officers by Chief Engineer M. N. Eldridge, is both satisfactory and creditable. Portland is a city of upwards of 50,000 population, with a fire area of 18 square miles, well covered with wood, stone and brick buildings, wooden roofs being allowed in the city. From the center, the streets ascend, in gentle grades to the outlying sections. For protection from fire the city depends on its water supply, which is a gravity system, with good head. The fire department has 71 permanent and 145 call men, under command of a chief e nginecr, with four assistant chiefs, 7 captains and 11 lieutenants. The service equipment comprises eight steam fire engines, all Amoskeag make, 1 extra first-size, a…

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