Issue 14 and Volume 47.

WATER WORKS NEWS OF THE WEEK Waterworks for Elkshorn, Neb. are about completed. The De Queen, Ark. water board has formally accepted the city plant from the contractors. A Chicago company has options on the water systems of Albany, Eugene, Independence and Umatilla, Ore. One man was drowned and several thousand dollars’ damage caused by the breaking of a twenty-inch main in Cincinati. Medina, X. Y., will retain as an auxiliary water supply that part of the old Knowlesville plant situated north of the canal. It is reported that the Castine Water Company, of Castine, Me., has been sold to its manager to satisfy a claim in equity. Farmingdaie, L. I., has purchased the plant of the Nassau Water Co. for $23,500, and will operate it for a municipal supply. Residents of Sylvan, Ore., favor annexation to Portland, chiefly that they may benefit by’ a high-pressure, water service. The state…

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