Issue 14 and Volume 47.

Meterage. Plymouth, Mass., meters, 89 out of 2,415 services, or 3.75 per cent; but, of the 462,482,000 gallons of water consumed during last year 114,603,000 gallons, or 24.8 of the consumption, passed through meters. In other words, by metering 3.75 per cent, of the services, Plymouth accounted for 24.8 per cent, of its total water consumption. Of this, 22 per cent, was used by three large consumers—a railroad and 2 industries—only 2.8 per cent was used by the remainder of the metered customers. Detroit, Mich., with 86,649 services, has 7,956 meters in use, 634 having been set during the past year. All manufacturing plants and large users of water are metered, the numerical proportion of metered services being 9.2 per cent. Of the total amount $628,177.65, received for water rates, $229,956.90 was paid for metered water. Of the meters in service, 7,895 are Thomson make, the balance furnished by 5…

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