Issue 17 and Volume 47.

FIRE PROTECTION OF FORT WORTH Located on rolling prairie land, at the junction of Trinity and Clear Fork rivers, Fort Worth, Tex., a city with a population, including its suburbs, of upwards of 76,000 inhabitants, is the subject of a recent report by the Committee on Fire Prevention of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. An important center for packing, flour milling and cotton compressing industries, Fort Worth is also a busy railroad center and shipping point, ten railroads and an interurban line and extensive railroad shops, being, in this respect, notable features. While the business district is comparatively level, the remainder of the area covered by the city, about 17.3 square miles in all, is rolling, but there are no grades much above 4 per cent., except a few of 10 per cent, leading from the river bottom. About 60 feet is the average width of streets, of which…

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