Issue 17 and Volume 47.

WATERWORKS NEWS OF THE WEEK A water commission of three has been created in Grand Rapids, Minn. A new well in Texas City, Tex., will give the city a daily supply of 500,000 gallons. Honeoye Falls, N. Y. has defeated a proposition to raise $30,000 for a water system. The city of Keyser, W. V., has defeated the proposed 20,000 bond issue for waterworks improvement. Evansville, Ind., is taking advantage of low water in the Ohio river to push work on the new filtration plant. A contract has been let by Cuero, Tex., for the sinking of a number of artesian wells, the river supply not being satisfactory. Judge Roy has given the city of Utica and the Consolidated Water Company twenty days in which to make a new contract. The Massachusetts State Board of Health has approved the new reservoir constructed on Hart’s brook to supply Hadley, Mass. The…

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