Water Bids Opened.

Issue 26 and Volume 47.

Water Bids Opened. ATTLEBORO, MASS.—Commissioners have awarded the contract for a new reservoir on Branch brook to Bruno & Pettitti at approximately $50,000. DESHLER, OHIIO.—The contract for constructing a reservoir for the C. H. & D. has been awarded to C. L. Garretson & Co., of Cincinnati, at $15,000. DULUTH MINN.—The board of water comm ssioners have let 25 contracts for 12,298 feet of water and gas main extensions at an aggregate Cost of $11,835. ELDORADO, IA—The contract for furnishing 2,000 feet of 4-inch cast-iron pipe has been awarded to the United States Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Company at $28.35. Other bidders were James B. Clow & Co., Chicago. $31: Illinois Malleable Iron Co., Chicago. $29.45; Sheffield Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Company, Sheffield, Ala., $28.84. and the American Cast Iron Pipe Company. Birmingham, Ala., $28.75. GRAND RADIUS, MICH.—R. D. Wood & Co., of Philadelphia, has been awarded a…

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