Issue 1 and Volume 48.

SOMETHING ABOUT RUBBER So much rubber enters into the manufacture of fire department apparatus and supplies that the following article on rubber by William W. Canada, of Veracruz City, Mexico, may prove interesting: The state of Veracruz embraces 15,320,200 acres. How much of this is suitable for rubber planting has not yet been discovered. However, the rubber plantations operated by the numerous American and other companies have usually been located in the “tierra caliente” (hot lands), but more properly speaking “low lands,” and not in the higher regions. Information from good sources would lead one to estimate that about 50,000 acres has been actually planted with rubber trees from the time that the “boom” started in 1897 to the present. Of this number more than one-half of the acreage has been abandoned, having proved a complete failure, and of the rest it may be said that the rubber produced is…

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