Issue 1 and Volume 48.

FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS The estimated losses by fire in the United States and Canada, reported for the week ending July 4, amounted to $6,248,593. Twelve additional men have been appointed to the department in Erie, Pa. There were only 492 fires in Louisville during 1909, as compared with 1,065 for the preceding year. Playing with matches in a hay barn in Saugerties, N. Y., three little children were burned to death and the building destroyed. A new fire bell, weighing over a ton, is soon to be installed in Westville, N, J. Work on a tower in which to house it will be commenced at once. An ordinance before the city council of Pottsvilie, Pa., provides for the creation of the office of chief engineer in the fire department. Hereafter all fire department automobiles in Detroit must be equipped either with whistles or hells, instead of with ordinary horns as…

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