Issue 1 and Volume 48.

CREOSOTE AS AN ALGAE KILLER At the annual meeting of the American Water Works Association in New Orleans, an interesting discussion on the subject of removing algae and other growths took place, of which the following is a summary. President Mason said W. Wilcox, of Meridian, had found a method of removing objectionable matter from reservoirs which would prove interesting, and requested an explanation. Mr. Wilcox: The method which I shall try to explain is one that I present with a little diffidence. I claim no credit for it, neither do I claim that it is a panacea for all evils; but I hope that somebody similarly situated may give it a trial, and that it will prove of as much value in their case as it has in mine. I accidentally discovered that a creosote treatment would keep our reservoir clear of the more common kinds of algae. I…

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