Issue 3 and Volume 48.

FAVORABLE WATER REPORT OF LOWELL In submitting its annual report for the last fiscal year the water board of Lowell, Mass., says that the finances of the department have been carefully looked after. Beginning with a deficit of $7,637.49, owing to payments on the new Holly pump in 1908, the expenditures for the year were $4,266.50 less than 1908, exclusive of the new pump. The Holly pump has fulfilled the claims made for it by the builders, that it would save two-thirds of the amount of coal used by the old pumps, and appears to be doing better than that, for where the old pumps consumed an average of six tons of coal a day and pumped 400 gallons per pound, the Holly uses one ton per day, pumping 1,800 gallons per pound. The average cost of coal per year has been $19,000, but last year it only cost $8,869,…

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