Issue 6 and Volume 48.

FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS The estimated losses by fire in the United States and Canada, reported for the week ending August 8, amounted to $4,762,735. Richmond, Va., had 21 fires during June, as compared with 43 during the previous month. After 21 years of excellent service, Thomas J. Kain ha sretired from the Helena (Mont.) fire service. Atlanta is building two new engine houses at a cost of $12,000 each. Both will he finished in October. A five-year-old boy was suffocated in a Brooklyn fire, started with matches by another boy of the same age. The total property loss in Chicago during the last year was $3,036,797, a decrease of $260,000 from the previous year. Within a few miles of the village of Greene, N. V., ten barns were burned by lightning during a single electrical shower. Nearly every building in Wadsworth, Nev., 35 miles east of Reno, was destroyed by…

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