Issue 6 and Volume 48.

WATERWORKS NEWS OF THE WEEK Washburn, N. D., is about to build a waterworks. The water receipts from December 1, 1909, to July 1, 1910, at Wilmington, Del., were $190,223.82. Water consumers at Canton, Ohio, have been advised to boil all water used for domestic purposes. Pella, Ia., is investing $60,000 in a waterworks plant. The water will be taken from the Des Moines, river. Bay City, Mich., draws its water supply from the Saginaw river, into which more than 200 sewers are daily pouring the city’s filth. Chattanooga, Tenn., has begun extensive improvements to its waterworks in order to meet the demands of the city’s rapid growth. Longmont, Colo., has just completed an extension of its water system, costing $150,000, and will now be supplied with more and better water than ever. A typhoid epidemic prevails at Portland, Ill., and two deaths have occurred. The cause is attributed to…

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