Niagara Falls Water Department.

Issue 9 and Volume 48.

Niagara Falls Water Department. From an examination of the report of the Engineer of the Niagara Falls (N. Y.) water board, under date of June 30, 1910, the condition of the various funds of the city under date of July 25, there will be ample funds in the water department to carry the department to the first day of January. 1912, without raising any additional sums in the budget. The receipts amounted to $614,773, and the disbursements amounted to $604,032, leaving a balance of $10,740. Receipts from water rentals $73,000, and from fire hydrant rentals $31,350. It is apparent from these figures that the city would be able to complete the new water supply system and operate the same to January 1, 1912, without imposing any additional taxation upon the taxpayers. At the time the proposition for this new system was submitted, the cost was estimated at $717,000. The engineer’s…

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