Trenton’s Impure Water.

Issue 9 and Volume 48.

Trenton’s Impure Water. The board of water commissioners of Trenton, N. J., has filed in the Court of Chancery, its answer to the suit brought agains the inhabitants of the city and the water board of the state board of health to compel the city to purify its water supply. The paper filed by the water board is in the nature of a demurrer and answer. The board submits that the act of 1909, under which the suit was brought, is unconstitutional, this being the ground of the demurrer. The water commissioners also aver that they have no power to install a purification plant. It is submitted also that the Court of Chancery lacks jurisdiction to compel the city to purify by filtration or other means, potable water taken from the Delaware river, and, therefore, the state board of health has not made out a case which entitles it to…

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