Is Automobile Apparatus Both Certain and Economical?

Issue 9 and Volume 48.

Is Automobile Apparatus Both Certain and Economical? The topic assigned me is one of vast importance to the firemen of the present day, and with your kind attention I will endeavor to give the subject the consideration it deserves. In the present day one inventor after another tries to achieve something better than the other fellow. This is but natural; we are living in a most progressive age, and in the line of inventions, firefighting appartus has not been overlooked, and great credit is due the inventors of the wonderful automobile fire apparatus, which means so much to any progressive city. Think of the speed with which you can get to the fire and the lives that may be saved by the firemen—the auto being, as it were, “Johnny on the spot.” Time is essential. With the automobile appartus you can get to the scene of the fire so quickly…

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