Issue 13 and Volume 48.

THE MELBOURNE FIRE DEPARTMENT For many years previous to 1891, Melbourne’s safety from fire was cared for by in insurance and volunteer system of firemen. Although much useful work was done in this manner, the extraordinary development of the metropolitan area showed how totally inadequate the system was for the requirements. In the year 1890 the government passed a fire brigades act, calling into existence the present metropolitan fire brigades board, whose constitution consists of three representatives appointed by the government, three elected by the insurance companies, and three representatives of the municipalities of the metropolitan area, and elected hy them. Each of the bodies represented is responsible in an equal degree for maintenance charges. At its inception on March 6, 1891, the staff and men numbered 59 only. D. J. Stein, then superintendent of the insurance companies brigade, being appointed first chief officer. From time to time it has…

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