Issue 13 and Volume 48.

LYNN PLANS HIGH WATER PRESSURE Lynn, Mass., with a population exceeding 80,000, and a suburb of Boston, derives its water supply from river and ponds from two to four miles outside the city limits, by the gravity system. the water being pumped to a standpipe of 300,000-gallon capacity. The water is of good quality and about twenty million gallons are held in reserve. There are two pumping engines with a daily capacity of 15,000,000 gallons. The domestic pressure is from 40 to 60 pounds, and the fire pressure is 70 pounds. The plant was built in 1871, cost of construction being $2,077,711, and it requires about $75,000 per year to maintain the same. The thirty-eighth annual report of the public water board for the year ending December 18, 1909, shows the gross income to have been $282,000, or over $7,000 in excess of the income during the previous year. Of…

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