Issue 13 and Volume 48.

ROCHESTER WATERWORKS. (Continued From Last Week.) In response to inquiries, the writer was referred to Prof. A. H. Sabin, of New York, and finally succeeded in persuading him to undertake the necessary investigations. Much time, however, was required for the purpose; and as the East Jersey Pipe Works were soon ready to commence making pipe, the proprietors were directed to use meanwhile the same asphalt coating which had been found to be very successful on numerous conduits in California, as well as on the large steel conduit recently completed for the water supply of Newark, N. J. Every effort was made to obtain materials of the best quality for the purpose from California, also to prepare and apply the coating in the most approved manner. The results at first appeared to be very gratifying, but after the pipes had been exposed to the air for several weeks, it was noticed…

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