Issue 13 and Volume 48.

WATERWORKS NEWS OF THE WEEK Akron, Ohio, will vote on a $750,000 water bond issue on October 25. Ogden, Utah, will hold a special election to vote on a water bond issue of $550,000. Schliesinglerville, Wis., is to own its water plant. The subject has been the cause of much litigation for years. At the urgent request of the waterworks officials, all of the factories in Akron, O., are economizing in the use of city water. Work is well under way on the new water plant at Birmingham, Ala. The work must be completed by January 22 next. Atlanta, Ga., has recently laid twenty miles of water mains at a cost of $150,000. It ranges from 8-inch pipe to 36-inch pipe. The legal steps have been taken to authorize the issue of bonds to the extent of $1,000,000 for the increase of the water supply of Buffalo, New York. The…

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