Issue 16 and Volume 48.

FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS The estimated losses by fire in the United States and Canada, reported for the week ending Oct. 17, amounted to $3,229,369. Twenty-eight new firemen were appointed by the Los Angeles, Cal., fire commission October 1. James Spellisy, of the Williamsport, Pa., department, was thrown from a hose wagon which he was driving and instantly killed. There were 55 fires in Toledo, O., and 52 in Washington, D. C., during August. The corresponding losses were $9,800 and $13,667. George H. Byers, chief of the Westfield, Mass., department, has resigned and will give up his work for the city as soon as a successor has been selected. The fire headquarters at Alpena. Mich., were recently destroyed by fire. A week earlier the water tanks of the Kimball, S. D., waterworks system were burned. The city council of Minneapolis, Minn., will meet October 21 for the purpose of electing a…

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