Issue 16 and Volume 48.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Another instance of too much politics for the best interests of the city has just come to light in Williamsport, Pa. Frank F. Stryker has been acting in the triple capacity of chief of the fire department, fire marshal and assistant district deputy factory inspector. In the latter capacity he had the temerity to condemn a number of fire escapes that had been erected in Williamsport. He pointed out that they would be a source of danger rather than of safety in case of panic or fire; that they were not in compliance with the specifications, and that the builders had shown no regard whatever for the plans of construction called for. Inspector Stryker placed his disapproval upon nineteen specific violations of the fire-escape ordinances. The stairway railings were put together so flimsily that Chief Stryker could pull them apart with his hands. In consequence of…

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