Issue 17 and Volume 48.

THE FIRE PROTECTION OF OAKLAND The committee on fire prevention of the National Board of Fire Underwriters has just concluded a rigid investigation of the fire hazards at Oakland, Cal. The city with its recent annexations and rapid growth is now credited with more than 150,000 population. It is the terminus for several transcontinental railroads, and covers about 56 square miles of area, a part of which is submerged. The waterworks are owned and operated by the People’s Water Company. The drainage area above the dam is about 43 square miles, 430 acres of which is water surface. The capacity of the lake at high-water elevation 234, estimated at 5,400,000,000 gallons. During 1909 the average daily supply of 9,500,000 gallons was obtained from this source. There are three pumps with a rated capacity of 8,000,000 gallons each per 24 hours, operated continuously. The average daily consumption is 19,111,000 gallons. There…

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