Issue 17 and Volume 48.

THE NAUGATUCK FIRE DEPARTMENT Naugatuck, Conn., with a population of 15,000, takes jusifiable pride in its fire department, whose history dates back about twenty-eight years, and whose inception came about in the same manner that many another lire department has been launched. Through the influence of the late George M. Allerton, then president of the Goodyear Glove Company, a number of the employes of the firm began, in the year 1882, the organization of a fire department or, rather, a volunteer lire company. On the evening of February 6, 1883, the company was organized and the records of I. A. Morse, who was clerk of the meeting, read as follows: “At meeting called by the following undersigned employes of the Goodyear India Rubber Glove Manufacturing Company, of Naugatuck, Conn., at an old office of the company, held on the evening of February 6, 1883, the following employes of said company…

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