Issue 17 and Volume 48.

THE ACID WATERS OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA* The steady increase in the population on the water-sheds of our rivers lias played sad havoc with the pristine purity of the streams, and few cities can draw their domestic water supplies from adjacent rivers without serious danger to the health of the community unless some method of purification is used. But nowhere has the water been polluted in such a unique manner nor to such an extent as in parts of western Pennsylvania. The Junction of the Allegheny and Monongahela, the originally beautiful hill-bound site where two great rivers meet, is now a grimy, smoky scene where two murky, blackish-green, scum-covered streams unite to form a greater third, notorious from a sanitary standpoint. Much might be written of the sewage pollution of these streams, but it is the purpose of this paper to deal briefly with the sources of pollution which are in…

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