Plucky Stop of Runaway Fire Team.

Issue 19 and Volume 48.

Plucky Stop of Runaway Fire Team. Three horses hitched to hook and ladder truck No. 10 became frightened while standing near a burning house at No. 3651 Holland avenue, The Bronx, October 28, and before they could be controlled headed for their station on Gun Hill road at a gallop. Patrolman Francis Cummings, of the Bronx Park station, leaped for the bridle of one of the horses and succeeded in getting a good hold. He clung on to the animal for a hundred yards or so, and then managed to put one arm around the animal’s neck and draw himself up on one of the poles. With the three frightened horses still going at full tilt, Cummings made his way along the pole and climbed up to the seat, to which the reins were still tied. Jamming on the brakes, he tugged on the lines with all his strength, and…

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