Fire Escapes for Paterson.

Issue 23 and Volume 48.

Fire Escapes for Paterson. Although the building department officials of Paterson, N. J., say no such disastrous factory fire as that which caused the loss of more than a score of lives in Newark last week could occur in the former city, Mayor McBride has decided to make a thorough investigation of factory conditions in Paterson, and has called for a conference of the heads of the building, fire and police departments. Precautions now being taken to guard against fire in factories and other buildings, where many persons are employed, and the facilities for escape in case of fire, will be the main topics of discussion. In the plan already outlined by the mayor of Paterson, the city is to be divided into districts, each of which is to he under the supervision of the captain of a fire company. It is to be the duty of each of these…

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