Issue 23 and Volume 48.

WATER IMPROVEMENTS AT MONTREAL Mr. George Janin, superintendent and chief engineer of the Montreal waterworks, has prepared the following report for submission to the board of control, and through it to the city council, on the subject of improvements to the waterworks: “In accordance with your request, I have the honor of submitting to you my opinion on the report from Messrs. Hering & Fuller of July 2d last, as to the best manner of supplying water to Montreal. This report, which 1 completely’ endorse, recommends the installation ,of a double system of filtration, and the conclusions therein confirm my different reports previously addressed to the city’ council. Therefore, to give effect to this report, 1 recommend that you have the necessary’ appropriation voted for the completion of the definite plan for the carry’ing out of the works of the filtration system, for 50,000,000 gallons per 24 hours, amounting to…

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