Issue 24 and Volume 48.

WATERWORKS SYSTEM OF HANKOW. The feasibility and cost of a water supply for the three cities, Wuchang, Hankow and Hanyang, China, was investigated during 1903 by Richard St. George Moore, who recently read before the Institution of Civil Engineers a paper entitled “The Hankow Waterworks,” from which the following has been taken: The three cities are on the River Yangtse, 600 miles from its mouth, where the river is 4,800 feet wide, 40 to 50 feet deep in winter, and 80 to 90 feeet deep in summer. The greatest recorded variation in the level of the water is 54 feet 6 inches. The River Yangtse here flows from south to north the River Han enters on the west side and is, at its junction with the Yangtse, 600 feet wide. Wuchang, the viceregal capital of the provinces of Hupeh and Hunan, is an ancient walled city on the east bank…

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