Issue 24 and Volume 48.

COVERED REINFORCED CONCRETE RESERVOIR Recently a reservoir was constructed at New Ulm, Minn., which contains many features of interest on account of its design and capacity. Illustration Fig. 1 shows the completed structure, while Fig. 2 gives plan of this interesting covered reinforced concrete reservoir for waterworks service. It is 30 feet in height and about 250 feet in circumference. The concrete roof is supported by eight steel trusses, the floor and wall reinforcing rod and their support being shown in Fig. 3, while the center concrete pillar, which supports the roof trusses, is shown in Fig. 4. The reservoir, which has a capacity of 1,000,000 gallons, was constructed under the direction of City Engineer H. F. Blomquist, C.E. lie considers one of the most important problems a small city has to deal with is that of providing a safe and ample supply of water for extinguishing fires. Where water…

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