Issue 24 and Volume 48.

WATERWORKS NEWS OF THE WEEK Arkansas City, Kan., has votd down a $23,500 bond issue to extend its waterworks system. Lewiston, Me., will expend $85,000 in rebuilding its waterworks. All wooden pipes will be replaced with iron pipes. Citizens of Vicksburg, Miss., have decided not to buy the local waterworks, the objection being that the plant is too old, and is inadequate for a city of its present size. The water commissioners of Austin, Tex., have been advised to spend about $25,000 for a turbine and other parts of the local waterworks, lest it get into trouble when an accident happens to the plant. Oroville, Wash., has let the contracts for the installing of a system of waterworks to cost $20,000. Steps have also been taken for the city to purchase the property of the private company at 75 cents on the dollar. Bonds to the amount of $40,000 have…

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