Issue 4 and Volume 49.

REPORT OF AUGUSTA WATERWORKS The annual report of the superintendent of the waterworks at Augusta, Ga., for last year furnishes the following information: Pumping Station.—A full head has been maintained in the reservoir except from April 19 to 23 and October 14 to 24, the first period due to shutdown of both pumps on account of break in force main; the second on account of shutdown of one pump, due to broken crank pin. All necessary repairs have been promptly made and the machinery is in good condition. The grounds and buildings are in good condition, the residences across the canal need some repairs. A new overshot wheel has been installed to run the dynamo and lathe; an 8-inch syphon was run from the canal to operate this wheel while the pumps may be shut down, hut owing to the low head this did not prove satisfactory, but this will…

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